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I am an Royal Astronomical Society Research Fellow based at the University of Hertfordshire. My research concerns the formation and dynamics of star clusters and what this can tell us about how stars and star clusters form and evolve.

I use observations at a range of wavelenths from both ground and space-based observatories to study young stars in a number of different clusters and associations. In particular I use high-precision imaging and spectroscopic observations to acquire radial velocities and proper motions for young stars to expose their kinematics and the dynamical processes at work in star clusters.

I am also interested in how feedback from massive stars affects the formation and evolution of nearby low-mass stars and their protoplanetary disks, and how stars generate a magnetic dynamo and emit X-rays.

For more about my research, outreach, and imaging work, please see the links on the left, or check out my blog, A cluster of thoughts.

Recent News

Paper published: IPHAS Catalogue of extended PNe released!
After many hours of searching through H-alpha images, the IPHAS team have produced a catalogue of 159 new and extended planetary nebulae in the northern galactic plane, vital for studying the formation and evolution of these objects.
Posted January 2nd, 2015
Invited talk at The Universe of Digital Sky Surveys Conference
Last week I gave an invited talk on the current generation of Galactic Plane H-Alpha Surveys at a conference celebrating the current work being done on digital sky surveys. You can watch my talk online by clicking here.
Posted December 1st, 2014
Paper published: Active accretion in the Cygnus photoevaporating protostars
Spectroscopy of the photoevaporating protostars in Cygnus OB2 shows they are still actively accreting, suggesting they are still building up to their final mass, and thus may be prevented from doing so due to feedback from Cyg OB2.
Posted November 15th, 2014
Meeting announcement: The Kinematics of Star Formation
We will be organising a one day RAS Specialist Discussion meeting in January on the subject of the kinematics of star formation, with particular emphasis on observations and theoretical predictions leading up to (but not exclsuively) future Gaia data releases. See the link for more details!
Posted October 10th, 2014

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